Banks and Savings Institutions


Providing Funding Advantages

As a lender of low-cost, short- and long-term funding, FHLB Chicago offers our members products with maturities ranging from one day to 30 years at competitive rates. These products take the form of fixed and adjustable rate loans, known as "advances," standby letters of credit, and off-balance sheet instruments.


Bringing Value to Communities

The FHLB Chicago designed the means for members of the FHLBs to participate in the secondary market through the Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF®) Program. The MPF​ Program combines the retail expertise of community lenders with the wholesale advantages of the FHLBs. This unique relationship results in an efficient method of financing mortgage loans. Developed in 1997, the MPF Program is now offered by 9 FHLBs.
In September 2008, the FHLB Chicago introduced the MPF Xtra® product, representing the continuing commitment of the FHLB Chicago to help our members make mortgage financing available in their communities.