FHLBC Announces Community First Partnership Award Winners in Wisconsin


The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (Bank) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2012 Community First Partnership Awards. The awards recognize outstanding achievement in affordable housing and/or community economic development by ongoing partnerships of the Bank’s member institutions and non-profit organizations that have worked together to revitalize their communities. The Bank also supports community investment and community development efforts through discounted loans for eligible projects and grants through its competitive Affordable Housing Program.


At its regional meeting in Madison, Wisconsin, the Bank honored two exceptional Wisconsin partnerships. The Center for Resilient Cities received $10,000 in recognition of its 16-year partnership with Monona State Bank in Madison. Most recently, they worked together to complete the redevelopment of a vacant four-acre property now known as the Resilience Research Center, which includes a neighborhood center, middle school, and urban agriculture organization. Learn more about this living laboratory at www.resilientcities.org. More information about Monona State Bank is available at www.mononabank.com


The Quad County Lenders Consortium, which includes Couleecap, Inc., and is located in Westby, Wisconsin, was recognized with $5,000 for its 14-year partnership with State Bank Financial. Together they have helped hundreds of first-time homebuyers with down-payment assistance and existing homeowners with rehab and weatherization projects. They also helped create the first rural community land trust in Wisconsin. Learn more about Couleecap, Inc. at www.couleecap.org. State Bank Financial information is available at www.statebankfinancial.com.


“Both of these partnerships demonstrate ongoing commitments to revitalization,” said Sam Nicita, the Community Investment Officer for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. “Through collaboration, innovation, and planning, they have taken action and made sustainable, positive changes in their communities.” 


Next week, the Bank will announce the winning partnerships in Illinois.