FHLBC’s New Toll-free Number for Member Transactions and Support


​Effective Monday, March 26, 2012, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC) will
implement a single toll-free number dedicated to member support, whether taking down an advance, initiating a letter of credit or wire transfer, or asking questions about collateral, safekeeping, or documentation. Our goal is to make it easier for members to get the information you need to take full advantage of your membership in the FHLBC. Your sales coverage team is also available to talk through opportunities, strategies, and solutions.


By calling 855-FHLB-CHI (855-345-2244), members will be prompted to direct the call to the Member Products Support Team with the training and expertise to handle your requests. We have expanded the number of team members cross-trained to handle your requests as expeditiously as possible.

After you dial 855-FHLB-CHI, you will be asked to direct your call as follows:

  • For the Member Transaction Desk, press 1
  • For Wire Transfers, press 2
  • For Safekeeping, press 3
  • For Collateral, press 4
  • For Documentation, press 5
  • For Customer Service and all other inquiries, press 0
  • To hear the selections again, press #


Eventually, the Bank’s current toll-free numbers, including those for the Member Transaction Desk, Wire Transfers, Safekeeping, and Collateral, will be “retired.” Initially, calls that come in to these numbers will be routed to the new, toll-free member support number.