Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

200 E. Randolph Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 565-5700


President and Chief Executive Officer

Matt Feldman​​

​(312) 565-5700


Media Inquiries

Melissa Warden, Vice President, Director of Communications

​(312) 552-1218


Government and Industry Relations

David Feldhaus, Senior Vice President

​(312) 565-5369


Executive Team

Michael Ericson, Executive Vice President, Members and Markets(312) 565-5700 ​
Tom H. W. Harper, Executive Vice President, General Auditor​(312) 565-5700 ​
Michelle JonsonExecutive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer(312) 565-5700 ​
Roger Lundstrom, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Member, Community and Financial Services

(312) 565-5700 ​

Sam Nicita, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer(312) 565-5700 ​
Nancy Labelle​, Senior Vice President, Bank Se​rvices​(312) 565-5700 ​
John Stocchetti, Executive Vice President, MPF® Program
and Project Management Office​​
(312) 565-5700 ​

​Laura Turnquest​, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

(312) 565-5700 ​


Institutional Sales

Brian Frame, Director, Institutional Sales​                                  ​​            (312) 552-1724​
Jaronda Hall, Director, Institutional Sales(312) 565-5309
Pamela Hetz, Director, Institutional Sales ​(312) 552-1236
Carolyn Jaw, Managing Director, Institutional Sales​(312) 552-1240
Tim Lahey, Director, Institutional Sales(312) 552-1287
Jeff Long, Director, Institutional Sales(312) 552-2669​
Chris Milne, Managing Director, Institutional Sales ​​(3​12) 552-1751


Applications for Membership and MPF® Program; Mergers and Acquisitions

Community Investment

Main Number ​​​(312) 565-5824​


Credit Risk Management​

Fax Number ​(312) 552-1220


MPF® Program​

Eric Schambow, Senior Vice President and Director, M​PF Program(312) 565-5292

MPF® Account Managers

​Jo-Nell Anton​, MPF Account Manager

​(312) 56​5-5820​

Toya Glenn, MPF Account Manager

​(312)​ 552-27​14

​Ann Marie Picha,​ MPF Account Manager

​(31​2) 565-5793

​Mariya Shudra, MPF Account Manager​​  ​(31​2)​ 565-5743

MPF® Trainers

James Krantz, Assistant Vice President, MPF Training Manager (312) 552-2622​
Dawn Kershner, ​MPF Trainer - MORE​(312) 565-5786
​Pat Knoebel, MPF Trainer - MORE​(312) 552-1282
De Roberts, MPF Trainer - MORE​(312) 565-5289
Kathy Roos, MPF Trainer - MORE​(312) 565-5354
​Patricia Young​, MPF Trainer - MORE​(312) 5​65-5148

MPF® Help Desk

​​Transactions and General Information (312) 565-5300

​Transactions and General Information - Toll-Free Phone Number

(877) 345-2673 or (877) FHLB-MPF​

Fax Number​(877) 329-4673 or (877) FAX-4MPF


Member Transaction Desk

(Advances, Letters of Credit, Capital Stock)

​Toll-Free Phone Number​855-FHLB-CHI (855-345-2244), Option 1
​Fax Number312-552-1220



(Receipt and delivery of securities)
Toll Free​855-FHLB-CHI (855-345-2244), Option 3
​Fax Number312-565-5699



Toll-Free Phone Number​855-FHLB-CHI (855-345-2244), Option 4
​Fax Number312-565-5752


Member Support and Documentation

​Toll-Free Phone Number855-FHLB-CHI (855-345-2244), Option 0​
Fax Number​​312-552-1220​

Wire Transfer

Toll-Free Phone Number855-FHLB-CHI (855-345-2244), Option 2​
Fax Number(312) 565-5823


Internal Audit​

​Fax Number ​(312) 565-6945


Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management

Vendor Management

For questions regarding upcomi​ng sourcing events or engaging with the FHLB Chicago as a vendor contact Monica Doyle, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management, at

Vendor Issues

To communicate concerns about possible unethical or illegal activities, please dial
1-866-294-5579 or click on this link and select "Vendor Issues."


Please address correspondence to:
The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
200 E. Randolph Dr.
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 565-5700