Board of Directors

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago's Board of Directors is responsible for overall management and oversight of the Bank purs​uant to the Federal Home Loan Bank Act. Like each of the other Federal Home Loan Banks, our Board of Directors is comprised of two types of directors: member and independent. There are currently ten directors elected by our members and serve to represent our members in Illinois and Wisconsin. There are currently seven independent director positions, which are filled through a District-wide nomination and election process. All directors serve four-year terms. 

Executive Team

The Executive Team of the FHLBC provides overall strategy and coordination of the Bank's management.  

Code of Ethics

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral, and legal business conduct. The maintenance of these high standards is essential to ensure the proper performance of the Bank’s business and fosters confidence in the Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank system. To ensure that both our employees and our vendors operate following these ethical standards, the FHLBC has adopted the Whistle-Blower and Accounting and Auditing Complaint Policy and Procedure​​ and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago Code of Ethics​​​.
If you discover a potential violation involving safety, ethics, theft, unauthorized destruction of FHLBC records, or material error in reporting that could harm the FHLBC or its employees, shareholders, customers, or vendors, you are encouraged to report your concerns to EthicsPoint.
All reports made via EthicsPoint are completely anonymous, confidential, and individuals filing reports are protected by applicable whistleblower laws.

To communicate concerns about possible unethical or illegal activities, you may either make a report by telephone or via web.
  • To file a report by telephone, please call 1-866-294-5579
  • To file a report via the web, log onto
In support of the Code of Ethics and in compliance with the applicable Financial Crimes Enforcement Network regulations (31 CFR Parts 1010 and 1030), the Bank has adopted its Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, and Suspicious Activity Reporting Policy (AML Policy). The AML Policy includes fraud detected in dealings​ with our members, vendors, and suppliers. The FHLBC expects that all of its members, vendors, and suppliers will report any instances of fraud or suspicious activity involving the Bank. Such reports should be made either to EthicsPoint or directly to the Bank’s AML Compliance Officer, Laura Turnquest at (312) 565-5340.


Capital Plan

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago’s stock consists of two subclasses of capital stock, B1 and B2, as provided for in the Bank’s capital plan.