CICA Advances



​CICA Advances are available in a variety of advance structures and maturities to support our members' community lending initiatives. This product provides the flexibility lenders need to link these assets with matching liabilities by offering both preferential rates and terms from one month to ten years. Rates are listed on the FHLB Chicago's daily rate indications under the CICA column.

See the product descriptions below for information on how to qualify your affordable housing project or economic development initiative for the CICA rate.


Community Investment Program (CIP)

Eligible housing projects include the purchase, construction, refinance, or rehabilitation of affordable owner-occupied or rental units. Homeowners must have a household income at or below 115% area median income (AMI), adjusted for a four-person household. A rental project must have at least 51% of units occupied by or affordable to households earning 115% AMI, adjusted for a four-person household. Follow the link to the right to view the median income guidelines to determine income eligibility based on the county in which the property is located.
Please contact the FHLB Chicago Community Investment department to discuss rate terms of up to 30 years for your rental projects.

Community Economic Development Advance (CEDA)

Eligible economic development projects include industrial and manufacturing facilities, agricultural businesses, healthcare, and educational centers, public or private infrastructure projects, or commercial businesses.
To access the CICA rate, the project must meet one of three eligibility criteria. Refer to the CICA Fact Sheet or CEDA Application to the right for more details on how to qualify your project.