Community First® Disaster Relief Program


The Community First® Disaster Relief Program is designed to offer direct disaster relief funding to FHLB Chicago members and the communities they support. The FHLB Chicago originally developed the Community First Disaster Relief Program to assist several communities in Illinois that were struck by tornados and severe storms in November 2013, and to serve as a blueprint for responses to future FEMA-declared disasters across Illinois and Wisconsin. The FHLB Chicago recenty utilized the program to assist central and northern Wisconsin communities affected by storms and flooding in 2016. 


How the Program Works

  • Disaster relief funding is provided by the FHLB Chicago and administered through member financial institutions to communities in designated disaster areas.
  • Financial assistance is designed to address the specific needs of the district based on the impact of the declared disaster; this includes assistance to homes and/or businesses in the affected communities.
  • Households and businesses must meet specific eligibility requirements to qualify for program assistance.
  • Programs offered may be limited in their combined use with other FHLB Chicago products.

Determination of Funding

Although an event may be declared a disaster by FEMA, the determination to provide assistance, programs offered, where funds can be utilized, and program availability are governed by the FHLB Chicago.
Questions related to the Community First Disaster Relief Program can be directed to the FHLB Chicago Community Investment Group at 312-565-5824.