Embedded Options



​The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago provides a variety of advances with embedded options to meet members' specific needs. Click on the links below for details. 

Callable Fixed Rate (A122)
Callable Amortizer (A270)
Floating-to-Fixed (A371)
Capped Floater (A390)
Collared Advance (A402)
Net Interest Margin Protection (A420)
Expander/Extender (A500)


Members may refer to our secure eBanking website for the Member Product Guide, policies, applications, and forms.



The interest rates on advances are made available to members daily on the FHLB Chicago website. Posted interest rates are indications only and may be changed at any time to reflect current market conditions. Members may obtain current interest rates on advances by logging into the eBanking website or by contacting:

Member Transactions Desk (855) FHLB-CHI (
855-345-2244), Option 1.

The FHLB Chicago's policy regarding advances pricing is contained in the Member Products and Credit Policy, available to members on the eBanking website.​