Securities Safekeeping

When used in tandem with other FHLB Chicago products, our safekeeping service provides member financial institutions a broad range of financial services that can help them with their bottom line.

In addition, all collected funds from coupon payments, security sales, and maturities are automatically invested in the customer's DID account and earn the FHLB Chicago's market interest rate.

Learn more​​ about safekeeping and third party pledging.

Standard Services

  • Safeguarding of securities on deposit
  • Prompt and accurate clearance and settlement of securities in accordance with market standards
  • Timely and accurate principal and interest collection, including calls, maturities, and paydowns
  • Monthly account statement with month-end market prices, as well as current balance of each mortgage-backed security
  • Daily account statements available on our secure, members-only website that include unaudited pricing of securities, as well as maturity dates, and rates
  • ​Safekeeping fees are posted on eBa​nking​ in the Information and Documents section; if you have questions please contact the Safekeeping Department at 855-FHLB-CHI (855-345-2244), option 3