Third-Party Pledge Services

Third-party pledging allows members a convenient vehicle for pledging securities to a third party and recording and reporting the pledging of securities to public entities(municipalities), private entities, and individuals.

The FHLB Chicago's third-party pledging services help members meet their needs as well as their beneficiaries' needs. Difference account structures are available, including segregated or combined accounts. We can report directly to a beneficiary at a specified time period via email, and members can choose the most convenient report format for their institution: text, Excel, or PDF.

Third-Party Pledge Fee Schedule

* Third-Party Pledge - To or From Pledge Status​


* Third-Party Pledge -​ Pledge Substitutions


* Third-Party Pledge - Monthly Service Fee​



*To or From Pledge Status, Substitutions, and Third-Party Pledge Monthly Service fees do not apply to pledges to the FHLB Chicago or the Federal Reserve.