The Basis Point Podcast

The Basis Point is hosted by James Hotchkiss, Director, Member Strategy and Solutions, discusses recent economic developments, market dynamics, and other trends affecting FHLBank Chicago member financial institutions.

The Basis Point will also share insight into our products and services as well as welcome special guests to discuss recent FHLBank Chicago news.

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Episode List

Episode Five - Recent Developments in the Rates Markets

Host James Hotchkiss discusses recent developments in the rates markets. Why have we seen such strong moves in rates since the end of the year? What caused the market and the Federal Reserve to suddenly become much more aggressive on potential rate hikes? And what could we expect in an environment where the market now thinks the Fed may hike rates four or maybe even five times this year alone? James discusses all this and more in this episode of "The Basis Point."

Episode Four - Recent Trends in the Employment Sector

James Hotchkiss discusses recent trends in the employment sector. Why is the unemployment rate so low even though the economy is still millions of jobs below the pre-pandemic peak? What is the participation rate and what does this mean for the future of employment, wages, and Fed rate decisions? And are we in a new normal in the way people look at work and jobs?

Episode Three - LIBOR Transition Update

James Hotchkiss interviews FHLBank Chicago's Dave Sterling, who leads the LIBOR transition effort for the Bank. In this episode, Dave discusses what has happened with the transition so far, the differences between LIBOR and SOFR, recent market developments, and tactics that FHLBank Chicago has used to transition away from LIBOR.

Episode Two - Inflation Expectations

Hosts James Hotchkiss and Jessica Nick discuss inflation in The Basis Point’s second episode. Prices have risen considerably over the past year, but is it just transitory? Hear the team’s thoughts on what is happening with inflation, why it's happening, and how it may affect your financial institution.

Episode One - Recent Trends in the U.S. Housing Market

In FHLBank Chicago’s premier episode, hosts James Hotchkiss and Jessica Nick discuss recent trends in the U.S. housing market. The team analyzes data around housing prices, inventory, borrower credit quality, and recent changes in demand. Tune in and listen to our first episode!


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