David R. Pirsein

  • ​President and Chief Executive Officer
  • ​First National Bank in Pinckneyville

David R. Pirsein has served as President & CEO of First National Bank in Pinckneyville, First Perry Bancorp Inc. and its subsidiary, First National Insurance Services, Inc. since 2005. He has been an active community banker for over 35 years. Mr. Pirsein is a board member and executive committee member of the Shazam Inc. board, an EFT network and payments processor. He is the Chairman and board member of the Community Banker’s Association of Illinois and a board member of its subsidiary, the Community BancService Corporation. He also serves on the board of governors of the Southern Illinois Real Estate Title Company, LLC. He is an active participant on the Pinckneyville strategic planning committee and is a Chamber member. Mr. Pirsein previously served two terms on the St. Louis Federal Reserve Board where he held the position of Audit committee chairman for several years. He graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a degree in Finance and Banking and has attended many banking schools, including the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin.