Downpayment Plus (DPP®) and Downpayment Plus Advantage® (DPP Advantage®) offer Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago members easy-to-access down payment and closing cost assistance to help their income-eligible customers achieve homeownership. These programs give our members:

  • The opportunity to maintain and expand their customer base
  • The ability to assist any eligible borrowers purchasing homes in the communities they serve—not just first-time homebuyers
  • Improved loan-to-value ratios
  • The flexibility to combine these programs with the MPF Xtra® product or other secondary market programs

Downpayment Plus Program

Downpayment Plus
Downpayment Plus Advantage
Program Elements
Member and Borrower Roles and Responsibilities
Application and Eligibility

Downpayment Plus Programs  - Institutional Insights Webinar (June 16, 2022)