FHLBank Chicago members enrolled in the Downpayment Plus® (DPP) Program can take advantage of our easy-to-use, customizable marketing flyers to engage their customers and explain the advantages of DPP.

Marketing Flyer Guidelines

  • Please do not edit or alter any text, other than adding your financial institution’s name, contact information, and corporate logo, as well as any necessary disclosures or disclaimers where indicated.
  • To ensure that the flyer prints properly, please maintain all formatting, margins, photography, and design elements as set up by FHLBank Chicago.
  • Have your institution’s legal and marketing or communications departments review the brochure for inclusion of proper disclosures for your business and markets.
  • If you plan to post this brochure to any of your institution’s websites, please convert the file to a PDF format before posting.


FHLBank Chicago created a general flyer for potential homebuyers.  Please feel free to use and distribute: DPP Flyer for Homebuyers.

To begin customizing and creating your institution’s flyer, simply select your preferred language and style (Option A or Option B) from the menu below and save it to your computer.

  • Option A: 4¼ x 11 – single sheet of paper printed on one side to create one flyer
  • Option B: 8½ x 11 – single sheet of paper printed on both sides (cut down the middle to create two flyers)

DPP Flyer Option A: English         DPP Flyer Option A: Hmong           DPP Flyer Option A: Spanish           

DPP Flyer Option B: English         DPP Flyer Option B: Hmong           DPP Flyer Option B: Spanish

DPP Flyer Option A: French          DPP Flyer Option A: Polish

DPP Flyer Option B: French          DPP Flyer Option B: Polish

For More Information

If you have questions about using these flyers, please contact FHLBank Chicago Community Investment at 312-565-5824 or ci@fhlbc.com.