FHLBank Chicago Pilot and Voluntary Programs

FHLBank Chicago delivers innovative programs to serve communities in Illinois and Wisconsin, particularly in underserved areas. Our voluntary programs go beyond our statutory and regulatory requirements to address unique and local community development opportunities. Measuring and elevating community impact is crucial to creating effective programs, and pilots can provide a limited space to determine enhancements and success. 

Our commitment to deliver innovative regional support to our members and their communities drives FHLBank Chicago’s pilot programs. Through our housing and thought leadership, member input, community-building and economic development initiatives, we work with our members and their customers. This page provides the descriptions of the current pilot programs available to our members and their communities including the name, a brief description, goal, alignment to FHLBank Chicago’s mission, the scope and duration of the program.

Community Impact Advance

Description: The Community Impact Advance pilot program will provide $50 million in subsidies to discount the rate on advances up to 200 basis points. Through our member banks, credit unions, insurance companies, community development financial institutions, and housing associates, the program will amplify and incentivize select affordable housing and community development activities in Illinois and Wisconsin. Through a grant, direct lending or investment activity, available funding under the Community Impact Advance pilot program may be used to:  

  • Support affordable housing through the purchase, refinance, construction, or rehabilitation of housing units.
  • Create and retain jobs, and provide critical infrastructure and community facilities, such as broadband, healthcare, childcare and other community services in low- and moderate-income areas.
  • Expand access to capital for community development financial institutions (CDFIs), nonprofits, and public benefit corporations that assist underserved populations.

Directly support specific affordable housing and community development needs identified in FHLBank Chicago's Targeted Community Lending Plan, including increased housing supply, jobs created, and enhanced development activity.

Mission Alignment: Through our work across Illinois and Wisconsin, we see the needs of our communities and the progress that members are making to address funding and community development. As the needs in our district are greater than our existing programs can address, we developed the Community Impact Advance to amplify our members’ efforts to address the unmet supply in affordable rental and homeownership, scarcity in capital to the community development financial institution and other community partners doing mission-consistent work, and to provide support for vulnerable small businesses and infrastructure needs in underinvested areas.

Scope and Duration: The Community Impact Advance pilot program will provide $50 million in interest rate discounts on advances, from July, 2024 through June, 2027 with annual evaluation. 


Voluntary Programs

FHLBank Chicago also offers voluntary programs to support affordable and sustainable homeownership, housing counseling to prepare potential buyers for homeownership, and to increase housing supply by helping residential developers expand their staff and training.

FHLBank Chicago existing voluntary programs include: