David J. Loundy

  • Chairman and CEO
  • Devon Bank

David J. Loundy has served as Chairman and CEO of Devon Bank headquartered in Chicago, Illinois since 2012. Mr. Loundy also serves as Vice-Chairman of Devon Bank’s holding company (Devon Bancorp, Inc.), Managing Member of Devon Bank’s investment pool affiliates (Abraham’s River, LLC; and The Acheron Cash Fund, LLC; and their manager, 650 Asset Management LLC) and Chairman of Devon Bank’s  “sponsored” public charity, The Loundy Charitable Foundation. Prior to joining Devon Bank in 2003, Mr. Loundy practiced intellectual property and computer law and served as an adjunct professor (LLM. and MBA programs) and law school administrator. Mr. Loundy is a past board member of the Community Banker’s Association of Illinois (CBAI), and is a current board member of the CBAI’s subsidiary Community BancService Corporation, and he serves on CBAI's.Innovation Committee. He has been a board member or endowment board member for a number of community and religious organizations. He is a frequent writer and speaker on religion-based financing issues. Mr. Loundy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications from Purdue University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa, both with distinction.