CSS - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Community Support Program (CSP)?
How do I submit a CSS?
Who should complete the CSS?
Can I get a copy of my institution’s CSS from our last Community Support review?
What information will I need to complete the CSS?
What if my institution is not subject to the CRA?
What are the steps to complete the CSS online?
What time-frame should I use when completing Part II A and B?
My institution does not make/track mortgage loans to first-time homebuyers. What should I enter in Part IIA of the CSS?
How many check marks are needed in Part IIB of the CSS to meet the First-time Homebuyer requirement?
My institution does not participate in any of the services or activities listed in Part IIB of the CSS. Can I leave Part IIB blank?
Will I be able to print/save a copy of my completed CSS?
Will I get confirmation that my CSS has been submitted?
Can I make a change to my CSS after I submit it to the FHFA?
When is the deadline to submit the CSS?
What happens if my institution does not submit a CSS by the deadline?
Who should I contact if I have questions?