Weekly Market Update Guest Speaker Webinar with Informa Research Services

Preparing for the Rising Rate Environment

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBank Chicago) is pleased to announce that experts from Informa Research Services are joining James Hotchkiss and Ashish Tripathy on the weekly market update webinar on Thursday, June 21. This webinar will discuss preparation for the rising rate environment. All FHLBank Chicago members are invited to attend.

How to access the webinar:
Register for the webinar by clicking here and selecting the June 21 date from the dropdown menu.
  • To join the call, dial 1-877-309-2074
  • Access Code: 644-177-973
  • Webinar ID: 707-432-923
  • To view slides after the webinar, please visit the Solutions section of eBanking.
It’s finally happening, the rising rate environment has started. Financial institution executives are arming themselves with practical strategies to help succeed in a rising rate environment. But after almost 15 years, do you even recall what things looked during the last rising rate environment? Online banking existed, but wasn’t fully accepted by consumers, mobile banking hadn’t taken hold, and consumer banking behavior was substantially different.

This rising rate cycle will be different and consumer behavior has changed. Ease of online and mobile banking and consumers’ comfort with non-traditional financial services make them dramatically more vulnerable to your competitions offers. What promotional offers will be most effective and, with easy access to financial service information at their fingertips, what will it take to trigger consumer action? Are you prepared to compete in this environment?

Join Paul Needels and Ray Montague of Informa Research Services as they present Navigating the Rising Rate Environment for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, June 21, 2018.


Paul Needels

Paul Needels is responsible for overseeing the company’s lending products research, consisting of our indirect, mortgage, consumer, and business lending research lines. He has over 30 years of senior management experience, vast exposure to the client side of the banking industry, and a strong educational background. Since joining Informa Research Services in October 2010, Mr. Needels has assessed, reorganized, and increased the capabilities of the lending research division. 

Prior to Informa, Mr. Needels led the lending production division as Senior Vice President at Bank of America. He held executive positions at United Banks of Colorado, Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty, Home Savings of America, Washington Mutual, and Countrywide. 

Mr. Needels is a graduate of the University of Colorado and holds an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Ray Montague
Ray Montague is the Director of Deposit Product Research and Customer Service for Informa Research Services. He has worked for the company, researching the deposit product of financial institutions, since 1995. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Montague was employed at Wells Fargo Bank in their retail branch network. He received his BS degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.