MPF Webinar: MGIC Presents: Self-Employed Borrowers – Business Tax Return Analysis


This comprehensive workshop will help you dig deeper through business tax returns to develop a clearer picture of your self-employed borrower’s income and business financial standing. Whether you use the AGI or the SAM method, the good news is there is only one way to look at the business tax return analysis — you follow the same process whether you use AGI or SAM. This workshop will provide:

  • A closer look at Partnership K-1s & S Corporation K-1s, including Form 8825;
  • An in-depth look at business tax returns Form 1065 partnerships, 1120 S Corporations and the 1120 U.S. Corporate returns;
  • An overview of financial statements;
  • Ways to increase efficiency in processing and underwriting SEB loan applications; and
  • A review of documentation requirements, acceptable income and underwriting criteria

Who should attend?
The presentation is recommended for:

  • Loan officers
  • Loan processors
  • Underwriters
  • Quality control staff