Collateral Expansion Webinar

Learn About Upcoming Changes to Optimize Your Collateral Value

In an effort to continue to expand your collateral value and borrowing capacity with the Bank, we are implementing changes later this year intended to further maximize your collateral value. One of the ways we are expanding your borrowing capacity is by giving value to collateral that was previously considered ineligible. Join us on Tuesday, May 14, for our Collateral Expansion Webinar to learn about these upcoming enhancements.

Webinar topics include: 
  • Providing value to collateral that was previously ineligible
  • Reviewing common reasons that may have caused ineligibility in the past that are being addressed this year to result in more borrowing capacity:
  • Walking through our new way of calculating collateral lendable value now that we're providing value to collateral that was previously ineligible
  • Providing a sneak peak to eBanking reporting enhancements coming soon that will help illustrate these changes
Who should attend:
This session is recommended for collateral decision makers including: CFOs, controllers, compliance officers, treasurers, and staff who are responsible for executing collateral pledging.