Weekly Market Update Guest Speaker: Fort Washington Investment Advisors

Join us on Thursday, October 21, 2021 for a special Weekly Market Update Webinar with guest speakers from Fort Washington Investment Advisors. This webinar will asset classes where members can find value in today’s low yield environment. All FHLBank Chicago members are invited.

During the session, Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. will provide an overview of three fixed income asset classes where the firm is currently finding value in today’s low yield environment. This will include how Fort Washington is funding some of these assets with wholesale borrowing via their FHLBank memberships. The three asset classes will include:

  1. CLOs
  2. CMBS: CRE CLOs and Single Asset/Single Borrower structures
  3. RMBS: Prime Jumbo “2.0” and Re-Performing Loan Securitizations
Note: Each asset class listed above will include an introductory description, historical perspective, current trading metrics, and wholesale funding strategy that supports each asset class .

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