Institutional Insights Webinar - Hedging Strategies from Chatham Financial

We are pleased to welcome Mike Bilello, Director, Derivative Sales at Chatham Financial, to present during our May Institutional Insights Webinar.

With the inflation at its highest levels in decades, the Federal Reserve has been forced to raise interest rates 500 bps in just over a year.  

  • Will the terminal rate be 5.25%, or will the Fed be forced to raise rates more?
  • Will markets experience a higher for longer environment?
  • Will inflation subside resulting in a soft landing?
  • Will historic tightening by the Fed result in unforeseen negative events and a drastic lowering of rates?

Mike will be discussing various expectations for where interest rates are headed next and the tools and strategies that can be deployed by Banks and Credit Unions to help mitigate rate risk in these environments.

Attendees will learn:

  • How a swap is created, priced, and valued
  • How to protect against rising rates via pay-fixed swaps, caps, and borrower swaps
  • How to protect against falling rates via receive-fixed swaps and floors
  • How to get your institution set up for hedging to be prepared to execute strategies when the time is right