Introducing the 2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advance

  • April 11, 2022

Last month, during the 2022 FHLBank Chicago Member Meetings, we announced a new advance opportunity that supports members as they recover from the pandemic. This new advance program, the 2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advance, provides significantly-below-market rate advances with a one-year term.

Our 2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advance opens on Monday, May 2, 2022, with funds available through Friday, May 27, 2022. Members may apply here.

Introducing the 2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advance

We have allocated funds for all member and associate members to execute the 2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advance up to $5 million. The advance terms include:

Advance Structure:

  • 1-year term under the A121 advance type (Fixed Rate, Fixed Term)
  • Maximum borrowing amount up to $5 million
  • Significantly-below-market rate advance, with the fixed-rate announced weekly
  • 2% Reduced Capitalization Advance Program (RCAP) activity stock requirement

Other Eligibility Notes:

  • A request for this advance can be made one time only per member or associate member institution.
  • Unlike the prior COVID-19 Relief Advances, a prepayment fee will be charged for 2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advances.
  • Funds are subject to our regular collateral requirements; in the near term, we encourage you to ensure your institution has the necessary collateral capacity to take out this advance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Application for this advance is a mandatory takedown and the advance must settle before it can be prepaid.

See the table below for summary schedule of fixed-rate announcement, application deadline, and advance settlement.

Next Steps

Applying for the 2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advance:

Weekly Fixed-Rate Email Sent by 8:30 a.m. from "Relief Advance" ( Submitted by Eligible Institution to Received Fixed-Rate2022 COVID-19 Recovery Advance Settlement Date
Week 1: Monday, May 2Friday, May 6 (1 p.m.)Monday, May 9
Week 2: Monday, May 9Friday, May 13 (1 p.m.)Monday, May 16
Week 3: Monday, May 16Friday, May 20 (1 p.m.)Monday, May 23
Week 4: Monday, May 23Friday, May 27 (noon)Tuesday, May 31
*Once an advance has settled, institutions will no longer receive the weekly fixed-rate email in future weeks


My Institution Has an Existing COVID-19 Relief Advance:

  • Contact your Sales Director for cost-efficient strategies to avoid wire transactions or to fund any maturity gaps.

For More Information

For additional details, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center to view our FAQ and to learn more about the advance requirements and processes for borrowing and applying.

Please contact your Sales Director with any questions.

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