MPF Government MBS Pricing Enhancement and New MPF LLB Options

October 4, 2023

As part of our ongoing engagement to promote affordable housing in rural communities and our commitment to the Interagency Community Investment Committee (ICIC) initiative, we are pleased to announce price improvements to Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF®) Government mortgage backed securities (MBS). The pricing has improved by approximately 20 basis points (bps).

Additionally, to better improve LLB pricing, we are proud to announce the addition of a new LLB pricing bucket for all conventional MPF products. Starting October 2, participating financial institutions (PFIs) can take advantage of the new $275K LLB pricing bucket in both MPF Xtra® and MPF Traditional.

We understand that every dollar and every detail counts in providing home loan options to clients in areas who need it most. If you currently have, or will have, smaller balance loans in your pipeline, our MPF Traditional will allow you to better support the communities you serve.

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