Notes From the Mortgage Desk: Raising the Roof on MPF Traditional Low Loan Balance Pricing

February 8, 2023

Our Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF®) team is always working to find new ways to benefit your home loan financing needs, especially to those in underserviced communities. With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve improved MPF Traditional pricing caps for all of our low loan balance buckets – which you can take advantage of today!

Pricing advantages include:

  • Increased MPF Traditional low loan balance max prices (grid below)
  • Continue to take advantage of no loan level price adjustment charges
  • Potentially allows for additional Credit Enhancement (CE) fee income1
  • Potentially allows for additional B1 activity stock dividend1
    1CE Fee income and the amount of B1 activity stock is dependent on the unpaid principal balance of the loans in the program.  

    Chicago TraditionalLLB 85KLLB 110KLLB 125KLLB 150KLLB 175KLLB 200KLLB 225KLLB 250KHB

    We understand that every dollar and every detail counts in providing home loan options to clients in areas who need it most. If you currently have, or will have, smaller balance loans in your pipeline, our MPF Traditional will allow you to better support the communities you serve.

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