Test Your Line With FHLBank Chicago

Prepare for Funding as You Monitor Your Liquidity – Test Your Line

As we enter the fourth quarter with rising rates, we understand your institution may feel liquidity pressure. We want to make sure you are ready to handle any influxes with easy access to funding.

In order to be prepared, we recommend testing your line with us to ensure a process is in place. There is no better way to make sure you are ready for market volatility and liquidity crunches than being prepared to borrow with FHLBank Chicago.

  • With loan demands on the rise, deposit run-offs hitting many members, you never know when you need access to cash.
  • Testing your line ensures you can show regulators and examiners confidence in your access to lines of liquidity.

How to Get Started

The strongest course of action to assure you’re ready is to borrow $10K (or more) from FHLBank Chicago for one day, and we’re happy to start with a conversation today to make sure you are prepared.

Log into eBanking on fhlbc.com and execute online, or contact our Member Transaction Desk at 855.345.2244, option 1, to walk-through the process. As always, please reach out to your Sales Director with any questions.

Contact your Sales Director for more information.

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