Weekly Market Update: August 20, 2020

Last week, FHLBank Chicago announced a $14 million Targeted Impact Fund, with members and associate members receiving up to $20,000 in grants to support relief efforts for populations hardest-hit COVID-19 and to address racial equity disparities in communities across the district. Learn more about the Program and eligibility, how and when to apply, and ask your questions at this week's Weekly Market Update!

Highlights for This Week

  • Weekly interest rate comparisons
  • Economic data releases
  • Targeted Impact Fund: Program Highlights and Eligibility, Application and Timing, and Have Your Questions Answered Live!
  • Preview of the coming week

  • Q and A

View this week's slides. 

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The Weekly Market Update is hosted by:

solutionsheadshots_hotchkiss_smJames Hotchkiss
Director, Sales, Strategy, and Solutions

JnickJessica Nick
Associate Director, Sales, Strategy, and Solutions


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