COVID-19 Update: A Message from the Chair of Our Board of Directors

  • March 31, 2020
To All of Our Members:

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy. The COVID-19 epidemic may be the greatest challenge that many of us will ever face in our lives on a personal or business level. I want to assure you that the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago has responded to support us with unprecedented speed and effect. Their ability to serve all of us in a remote capacity has been seamless and without significant disruption. This response was not by accident. The staff has worked tirelessly over the past five years putting remote processes in place in answer to potential business interruption plans that we all have worked on over that same time frame.

Matt Feldman and the entire team may be working remotely but I know they are spending many additional hours monitoring the financial and mortgage markets to ensure we stay ahead of the curve for our liquidity and mortgage needs.

I have received a number of reports from members like you about the positive and seamless response they have received for their various requests. I know all of you are working tirelessly to support our local economies and ensure we reach the other side of this challenge stronger than ever. The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago stands ready to facilitate that effort.

Stay safe and well,

John Reinke
Chair of the Board

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