Remembering One Year Since the Killing of George Floyd

  • May 25, 2021
Today marks one year since the killing of George Floyd. It was with anger, frustration, and sadness that we continue to see the systemic racism, violence, and injustice in our District and our nation against Black people and communities of color. This is felt throughout our communities. However, over the past year, we have taken several steps to create the positive change we seek to live in an inclusive society abundant with equitable opportunities for all to succeed.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven into all that we do for our employees, our members, and the diverse communities they serve. Our commitment began with listening and learning through meaningful dialogue with each other. We will continue to have these conversations to tackle tough topics like systemic racism.

Through these conversations, we gained new perspectives and insights on how to enrich our support for the diverse communities our members serve. As a result, we have become more deliberate and intentional to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across all facets of our business, including employee engagement, business supplier diversity, and in our products, services, and community outreach.
Last year, we offered a range of opportunities for our employees to connect and grow personally and professionally through our diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, working groups, and employee resource groups. As part of our commitment to business supplier diversity, over 81% of the total project spend related to our move to the Old Post Office was with diverse businesses.

Last year, through our COVID-19 Relief Program and Targeted Impact Fund, we saw the positive impact our products and programs can have in promoting equity across our District for those disproportionately affected by the pandemic. This year, we established a racial equity working group through our Community Investment Advisory Council to ensure we continue to offer and expand how we offer products and programs that provide capital to traditionally underserved communities.
As we make progress in the areas we believe we can make the most direct impact, we will continue to evaluate how our products and programs can better promote racial equity, identify ways to raise awareness of racial equity dynamics that exist in the affordable housing and community development space, and seek new solutions that can increase equitable opportunities for the Black community and communities of color across our District.
No one case, conversation, or action will unpin systemic racism, but with integrity and intentionality, we can all help create positive change one step at a time. Each one of us can make a difference as every action helps create the change we seek.

Michael Ericson
President and CEO

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