The Community First Disaster Relief Program offers direct relief grants to eligible homeowners and small businesses located in qualifying disaster areas. The grant funding is accessed and administered through FHLBank Chicago member institutions. The program is available when FHLBank Chicago activates the program in response to a FEMA-declared disaster in Illinois or Wisconsin.

The Community First Disaster Relief Program is not currently activated. 

    Eligible Beneficiaries

    • Homeowners with their primary residence located in the qualifying disaster area, physical damages of at least $5,000, and annual household income at or below 100% Area Median Income (AMI). 
    • Small businesses with their primary operations located in the qualifying disaster area, physical damages of at least $5,000, and qualification as a small business based on the Small Business Administration (SBA) size standards.

    How the Program Works

    • Members submit applications for grant funding on behalf of eligible beneficiaries. Affected homeowners and small businesses must work with a member to submit an application.
    • The grant amount is $5,000 for each eligible beneficiary.
    • FHLBank Chicago processes applications in order of submission as long as sufficient funds are available.
    • FHLBank Chicago funds approved applications by crediting the member's DID account; the member is responsible for disbursing grant funds to beneficiaries. 


    Questions related to the Community First Disaster Relief Program can be directed to FHLBank Chicago Community Investment at 312-565-5824 or

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