Explore the advantages of FHLBank Chicago membership.


  • Given our access to the global debt markets, FHLBank Chicago members receive a strategic funding cost advantage and competitively priced products. These benefits include:
    • A reliable source of liquidity
    • Funding to meet business objectives and generate growth
    • Flexible funding structures to manage interest rate and other risks
    • Enhance investment yields through robust liquidity management
    • Support match-funding programs
    • Term funds with maturities of 10 years or longer
  • Access to the MPF® Program, FHLBank Chicago’s mortgage finance alternative
  • Community investment and affordable housing programs to finance your community lending at a lower marginal cost
  • Irrevocable letters of credit provide a low-cost and efficient way to attract and secure agreements with third-parties
  • High-quality deposit and non-credit services

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To learn more about how membership in FHLBank Chicago can advance your institution’s goals, contact our membership team at membership@fhlbc.com.